You may be scared to even say the word, but it has crossed your mind that the precious child in your arms might have…..Autism

You might be reading this post because you wonder if your own precious child has Autism. Maybe you can’t even say the word out loud and you pray desperately that he (or she) will grow out of it. The truth is, you may be embarking on a journey that will change you forever. I am going to tell you everything I know, but the most important thing is this; you may not have chosen this path, but you are the best mom that your child could have to navigate this new world of Autism!

An Autism Mom is born when she discovers, like I did, that she is the most important person in the life of her child with autism. Your child is unique and you know your child better than anyone. There may be many or few professionals along the way to support your child, but you are the key to providing them with pertinent information so that they can contribute their best strategies. You are also the one who is going to implement those plans, so give yourself a promotion from mom to Autism Mom!
It took me over 6 months to say the word. In fact, it wasn’t until the Paediatrician made the diagnosis that I was even able to say it. Friends and family would ask, “have you figure out what is going on with him?” I would stutter, “well, um, it seems like maybe he has…., he has a lot of symptoms of…..actually, I don’t really know, but….” No way could I say the word until the Doctor finally said, “Autism.” Then it became so real and I wanted to learn everything that I could. What I wanted more than anything was an Autism Manual, a book to tell me step by step how to be the best Autism Mom that I could be. There was no such book. In fact, finding useful tools and information was very difficult back then. I did the most logical thing and turned to the professionals to “fix” my son. I assumed that one of the therapists would have all the answers, but instead, it seemed like they only had questions. What were Cole’s habits, strengths, weaknesses, behaviours etc.? Instead of answers, I felt a lot of pressure to figure out what my son needed. Then I had the most important realization of my (and my son’s) life; When it comes to Cole, I am the Professional. I began to take my role in the care team very seriously. I started taking notes and began watching Cole very closely; I became a student of his character. From that day on, I always had valuable observations to contribute at meetings and appointments. Cole’s therapists started to take me very seriously and we started to develop effective strategies to support Cole to be the most successful at life.
It is my goal to share everything I have learned to encourage and equip every Autism Mom to support the success of their child! I would love it if you would stick around and follow my blog as we walk through this together. Share this with other people in your life who have been touched by Autism. Every Autism Mom (family) needs a village to raise her child. Lets be that village!


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