Seizures and Setbacks

Cole has revisited his love of hash browns with parmesan cheese, and by parmesan cheese, I mean half a bottle of it! He can make this meal by himself and knows nothing of moderation. He can polish off a small bag of hash browns in one meal! Typically, when Cole is growing, this is what he eats. I know, Hash browns are not exactly on the GAPS diet list of foods to eat, but at least its not bread or sugar, so we are going to look the other way.

I am really good at looking the other way! When Cole was young, he liked to eat candy and french fries. He would eat any candy or french fries, including the ones off the floor in public places! It is impossibly to predict and avoid food on the floor, because it is so random. In the early days of public outings with an autistic child, I used to think that I could prevent him from eating things off the ground simply by restraining or distracting him. This was a ludicrous idea since once set on a plan, there was no dissuading Cole. On a few occasions I resorted to wrestling him out of a store or restaurant in the attempts to  avoid the dirty food on the floor only to endure hours of screaming and tantrums from the pain he felt from missing out on the beloved and sadly abandoned “Floor Food.” Subsequently, I learned to look the other way. I’m sure he has an iron gut by now!

On Tuesday I got a phone call from Cole’s tutor because he had a seizure at school. He is on medication for seizures that started when Cole hit puberty.

There are cases of seizures that seem to start and end with puberty with no other explanation than hormone surges, particularly testosterone. Autistic boys are 30% more likely to develop a seizure disorder when they hit puberty than boys without autism.

The seizure on Tuesday was over 5 minutes long; the longest he has had so far. Cole’s seizures are typically under 3 minutes with a significant reduction since he started Valproic Acid to control them over a year ago. My immediate reaction was to assume that the heavy metal cleanse caused the seizure so I stopped the cleanse until I could make sure that Cole is ok. Upon research and seeking advice, I have established good reason to believe exactly what I thought to begin with. The seizure was likely triggered by the heavy metal cleanse, but not a bad thing. The toxins leaving his body can cause negative side effects but they are signs of good things happening in his system.

I decided to give his body a break for the rest of the week, but we are back on track for Monday.


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