Awesome Autism: 8 Positive Traits of Autism

When your child is diagnosed with Autism, you are told about all the challenges that they will have in life. You learn about all the difficulties that you will make as a parent, all the hardships that your family will face. What you aren’t told is how great it will be! No one tells you about all the positive traits of Autism. There are many amazing things and I don’t want you to miss out on the Awesome traits of Autism!
1. People with Autism rarely lie.
It doesn’t make sense to lie, so people with Autism usually tell the truth. They are often very black-and-white thinkers, so it doesn’t make sense to tell even the slightest white lie. I love how this plays into difficult situations. I can be totally honest with my son about the hardship, i.e. the needle at the dentist, and he is totally fine with it because it is part of the experience and there is always a prize at the end.
2. People with Autism are non-judgemental.
It is very unlikely that someone with Autism will compare you to any set of standards or expectations. They will accept you at face value. This comes from the black and white thinking. They view you just as you are, they wont expect you to change and they won’t judge you either. As an Autism Mom, I am grateful for the freedom to learn as I go without the pressure of needing to be perfect.
3. People with Autism are totally reliable.
People on the spectrum tend towards routine. Once a routine or rule is established, you can count on them to follow it to a T. If it is written in the calendar, they will be there. If it has been established as an expectation, they will follow through! I personally LOVE this side of Autism!
4. People with Autism don’t care very much about what others think.
I am SO jealous of this one! How freeing would it be to not care about what everyone thinks of me? How much would the world change if everyone wasn’t trying to please everyone else? People on the Autism Spectrum aren’t as interested in what other people think. This truly is a hidden blessing of Autism!
5. People with Autism are Authentic.
I think that this also relates to #1, people on the spectrum don’t typically lie, so they are very genuine about who they are. There are no pretenses so what you see is what you get. This one is very inspiring to me. I think we can all learn a lesson from the people in our lives with ASD.
6. People on the Spectrum are passionate about life.
There is no complacency in Autism! If there is an interest, it is all that matters. It goes with the black-and-white thinking. If it is worth your time, it is genuine, and it is worth pursuing with %100 of your energy.
7. People on the Autism Spectrum often have a Miraculous Memory.
This is an AMAZING trait of Autism! Some people describe it like a picture memory where they can see an image in their mind as clear as day. I would sure find this helpful in my own life. I know that my son can pull up information with perfect accuracy! They can be very impressive artists and can have perfect pitch and rhythm. I am often amazed at my son’s ability to recall information that I have long since forgotten.
8. People on the Autism Spectrum are Detail Oriented.
The ability to focus on a subject makes it very natural for someone on the spectrum to be very aware of all the little details. Little things that the average person might overlook, like spelling or punctuation, stand out like a sore thumb. This is a valuable person to have on your team in a detail oriented field. My son is in charge on synchronizing all the calendars in our house. Nothing slips by him!

This is a short list of only some of the amazing things that make my child and your child special! I never want to lose sight of the positive side of Autism. This month is Autism Awareness Month and I would love it if you would share this post with friends and family  and send me your stories  of what AMAZING TRAITS OF AUTISM that your child has!


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  1. I’m an autism mom and blogger too 🙂 I saw your post in the Elite group. So true- all these traits about autism, we need to remember there are things to be thankful for!

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