Another year, another set of goals!

As I have been reviewing my  goals from last year, I have been contemplating my new goals for 2016. I have looked over my priority list, prayed about what areas of my life I need to address and thought about what steps to take next. What I have come up with is a short list of BIG things that I want to work on next.

The first area that I am setting a goal in is time management. As a working, home schooling mother of 8 children, I often find myself running off my feet trying to keep up with the schedules of all 10 people in my household. I feel like a dog chasing his tail and at the end of the day I wonder what I have really accomplished. I hate this feeling and what I need to  do is to be more intentional with my time. So GOAL #1:To organize my priorities and to manage my time effectively and in a manner that creates order, success and a general peace of mind.

Another area that needs serious attention is my hormone health! Ever since I hit my thirties I have been battling the invisible monster of hormonal mayhem that works in a vicious cycle of physical and emotional interference which jams all my systems! I plan to write a lot about this subject this year, Ladies, so if you relate to this condition, keep your eyes peeled for information on taming the wild hormone beast!! Goal #2: Learn how to functionally manage my hormone health and since it needs to be measurable; I will feel human for every day of my cycle!

My third and most important goal for this year is in my relationships. First of all my relationship with God. I want to quit being such a free loader and be more committed. Secondly with my marriage, I want to pray more for my husband and take more deliberate steps to growing together. Thirdly with my children, to play more and enjoy the little moments. Finally in other relationships I want to make more time for meaningful friendships. So Goal #3 is to be deliberate about my relationships this year and to see growth in intimacy.





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